The light-weight M416 is a perfect platform to support outdoor family activities. Our goal is to create an affordable kit so that many more families can enjoy trailer supported adventures.

Original M416s have become increasingly hard to find and very expensive. The aftermarket responded with a wide range of overland trailers, but they are also priced out of many families budgets. Some industrious people have converted Harbor Freight® and similar trailers, but they are flimsy by comparison.

This website will provide all the information necessary to build an M416 trailer for your family. We will also provide links to vendors that can supply all the parts shipped to your doorstep - all you need are some basic hand tools and a drill. We will also support a community of people developing upgrades to their trailers. We believe the trailer should grow with your family, and be an opportunity to bond with your kids during the upgrade process.

Our Goals

How To Hit Our Goals

  1. Trailer is provided in kit form - sweat equity will drop the cost
  2. Use as many standard trailer parts as possible
  3. Cut out the middle-man. You purchase directly from the parts manufacturers
  4. Help arrange group buys. Any parts that need special manufacturing, we can band together and drop the cost down.
  5. Engineered design: Let's have an engineer verify the design. This will lower the costs and weight by avoiding over-engineering, and will help families avoid extra costs from trial and error.

Open Questions

The above questions have been posted to the Expedition Portal trailer forum, please post your responses there.