Every Day Carry Lists

Before we start packing the trailer, we should figure out what you already have in the tow vehicle. The lists below are what I carry all the time. The following lists are also available as a single Every Day Carry PDF.

Loose Items

These loose items are stored in different parts of your vehicle, and are some of the most important things you can carry. This list also includes some convenience/comfort items I find myself using all the time.

1st Aid Kit

Every vehicle should carry a 1st aid kit.

Road Side Tools

Not to be confused with the full tool kit below, this bag contains bulkier items that are likely to be used more often, such as jumper cables.

Tool Kit

This is a full tool kit that should have all the tools you need to fix virtually any problem that happens on the road. Ideally, you will do most of the service and upgrades on your vehicle, and try to only use tools from this kit to ensure you have everything you need.


Communications needs can span from the simple convenience of telling loved ones when you'll be home, to life critical requests for rescue. We righly recommend an InReach product as the one must-have item.

Go Bag

While the other kits in your vehicle will allow you to shelter in place, sometimes you will need to hike out to get help or when the roads are impassable by vehicle. This bag provides a good way to carry necessities, and includes a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

Spare Clothes

The primary motivation for this bag is younger kids that tend to have bigger spills at very inconvenient times. Spare clothes can also come in useful for adults.