Prototype 1: M416WL (W=wide L=long)

After studying the common modifications to M416s, and aligning the build with my personal needs, I arrived at the following adjustments to the M416 design:

Why The Adjustments?

7 foot bed length. I am 6 foot 1 and will build a roof top tent on top of the trailer, with the bed oriented from front to back. A six foot bed would simply be too short, and many people modify the M416 by extending the drawbar and placing a box in front of the original bed resulting in over 7 foot beds.

58" Track The original M416 came with a 52.75" track which matched the towing vehicle. A narrower track is good is tight corners as the trailer will be less likely to "clip" other objects. But, a narrower track results in wheels taking a different path than the modern wider towing vehicles and possibly pulling the towing vehicle to the side (i.e. when following ruts) or getting hung up on larger boudlers when crawling through rocks. A 58" track seems like a reasonable comprimise, getting closer to the towing vehicles track, allowing a wider bed, and gaining stability from a wider stance.

14" Lower Bed Wall Height The original M416 had an 11" lower bed wall height. I'd like to create a false floor at the top of the lower bed wall and use readily available storage boxes with rolling wheels. These storage boxes tend to be 14" to 15" high.

Rear tailgate to provide access to storage drawers. I must be able to access storage with the roof top tent closed. A horizontal bar between the two trailer sides above the tailgate will provide the strength needed. The tailgate will serve two additional purposes: being one of the steps to get up to the roof top tent doorway, and a cooking or prep area when folded down.

Other Reasoning

4 foot bed top height. This is the same as the M416 and will allow me to use a standard 4x8 foot sheet of plywood cut down to 4x7 as both a hard top for a closed trailer, and when hinged to a bed side, it will fold out to create a 4x7 foot sleeping area.

False floor 14" above the bed floor. This false floor will serve as a hard floor for the tent area. The floor will have six hatches that can flip open to provide access to storage drawers below.

Storage drawers on wheels. These can be rolled out the tailgate to access storage while the roof top tent is closed.