Prototype 1: mini101

I've been eyeing the M101A1/2/3 series of trailers for their frames. Usually the frames alone are called M116A2, and can occasioanlly be found. What interested me was that the dimensions of the metal in the frames is very close to M416s, specifically 3" x 1.5" x .120 for the side rails. The width is closer to what I desire ~45", the leaf springs are longer, and it's already been overengineered by the military for carrying 2000 pound payloads.

My goal is to put the M101A1 on a diet and see how close I can get to the M416's 550 pounds. I'm swapping out the axle, wheels, and tires, chopping the body down to 45" x 84" (7 ft).

Here's the M101A1 on day one.